Exotic Dances

In many cultures around the world, dance forms an important part. In other countries, it can be a lifestyle, revolving around the events in life that are most important, like war, death, weddings, and love. Cincy strippers show an unparalleled form of extic dance. Here are some more examples of exotic dances that exist:

1. Tango
The history of Tango is complex and fascinating. The dance evolution has great implications for the way people dance nowadays. It’s a playful and vibrant and dance between two people. Because of the close connection partners can have when dancing, it’s known as a passionate dance.

Origin of Tango dance
The partner dance originated in the 1880s at River Plata, a natural border between Uruguay and Argentina. At the start of 20th Century, the musicians and dancers from Argentina visited the United States and Europe which resulted in the Tango dance being a global phenomenon. The dance later spread all over the world.

Early tango was called Creole tango or tango criollo. There are many types of tango extant today. The authentic tango is believed to be the closest to the form originally danced in Uruguay and Argentina. The African and European culture influence tango.

UNESCO approved a joint proposal by Uruguay and Argentina to include the tango in the UNESCO on August 31, 2009.

Styles of Tango

The Tango has different types of styles that originated in different eras and regions of Argentina and other places worldwide.

The styles have three categories:
• Nuevo
• Alternative
• Traditional
The teaching methods of these dancing styles vary, but they have same principles about the leader and follower, how to pivot and how to walk. You can explore the other styles without much difficulty if you have mastered one well.

The styles are danced in either close embrace, where the follower and the leader connect either upper thigh, hip area or chest-to-chest or open embrace, where leader and follower have space between their bodies.

Like the yin and yang symbols, the roles of the leader and follower depend on each other. Tango is a collaborative process; it encourages the development of trust, clarity, respect, and sensitivity.

Tango today

Tango is an international dance today. In countries all over the world, you have to find at least one tango club. When people think of tango, many think of ballroom.

Each culture that is touched by Tango brings a spirit of its own to the dance and make it its own.