The Samba dance

2. The Samba dance
The Samba originated from the regional batuque of the eastern Brazilian, Bahia state, the descendants of African slaves particularly the Congo and Angola. The dance made its way to Rio de Janeiro and found people dedicated to samba dance.

The dance is a gliding dance that involves the use of one’s body elegantly. Women are the fancier dancers of samba, but anyone can dance it and make an absolute fool of themselves, without anyone noticing especially during the Carnival. You can also book private cincinnati male strippers performing the samba dance.

The dance is known all worldwide as a symbol of Brazil and the Carnival of Brazil. Samba is now the national identity of Brazil and its known to be the most popular Brazilian cultural expressions.

In 2005, the dance circle came to be UNESCO Humanity Heritage; it is the origin of the carioca samba danced in Rio de Janeiro.

3. Tahitian Dance
The Tahiti dance also called otea is a Tahitian traditional dance. It is known for its rapid motion of hip-shaking percussion music.
The dancers stand in rows, choreographed to execute different figures while shaking their hips continuously. They dance with drums only, and the rhythm is very fast without singing.

4. The Balinese Dance
The Balinese dance is an elegant dance performed in elaborate plays or ceremonies which have a cultural meaning that is deep. In the dance, the Balinese dancers make elegant use of their feet and hands adding a vibrant poignancy.

The Balinese are culturally rich and proud people; this is seen in their dance which is carried out in their finest traditional clothing.