Zulu Dance

5. Zulu dance
Rockstar strippers and exitic dancers

Zulu dance is a traditional dance that originated in South Africa. The dance is performed at times such as marriage and time of war.
The dance movements are active and brusque; the dancers lift their legs high over the head several times. It is performed by women dressed in traditional grass and men dressed in grass shorts carrying spears.

6. Ballet dance

Ballet dancing is a form which expresses a mood, just reflect a piece of music or tells a story. In this type of dance, the dancers perform movements unnatural for the body; however, the movements look natural for the dancer. Dancers spin using the tips of their toes and float in the air.

The dance originated in the Renaissance courts of Italy in the 15th century. It evolved into a concert dance form in Russia and France and became a popular, technical dance. Its vocabulary is French terminology based.

7. Ballos dance

Ballos originated from the Greek islands, in the Cyclades islands. It’s the typical Cyclades dance and parts of the Northeastern Aegean Islands.

The dancers dance with good mood and spirit, it’s an open-hearted dance. The ballos follows the of Nisiotika songs rhythm which has amanes. Amanes is the expanded rhythm of music prolonging some syllables or repeats certain sounds and words in the songs of Nisiotika, particularly the ones of the North Aegean Sea islands, amanes, and Cyclades is synonymous to melisma.